Friday, June 6, 2008

Yorktown, Jamestown, and 128 miles later...

We woke up at 5:00am and had breakfast at Rick's house. After a bowl full of granola, we headed back to Yorktown to dip our rear tires in the York River which leads out to the Atlantic. We mounted our bikes at 7:00am and headed out with Ashland being our final destination, a mere 95 miles away. The morning ride was beautiful! We started out on the Colonial Parkway and passed through Yorktown, Historic Williamsburg, and eventually Historical Jamestown, the site of the first North American settlement. Unfortunately for us, the directions in the Adventure Cycling maps were less than clear and we ended up turning around at Jamestown and rode all the way back to Williamsburg (a mile 9 mile ride) because we thought we had missed a turn. However, after speaking with a local, we were told that we indeed had been on the right track to begin with. What a disappointment, we would have to ride the 9 miles back to Jamestown. Not to worry, after an extra 20-22 miles of riding and finally finding the bike path, we eagerly tackled the remaining 70 mile trek to Ashland.
We met up with Bob's mom, Sharon, and Jesse at 2pm for lunch at an old country store a mile south of the Battle of Malvern Hill, which was run by Mrs. Stewart. She turned out to be quite the character and the sweetest old lady. After stuffing ourselves with Turkey sandwiches and Peanut Butter Sandwiches, we headed back out on the road at 3pm. The heat and humidity were quite much for this Canadian, but I was very good about drinking lots of water and gatorade.
Although hot and humid, the rest of the ride was pretty smooth. My legs felt great, but my shoulders began to ache halfway through the day and the pain only progressed to the point where my shoulders went numb. I'm pretty sure I can't raise my arms up over my head even if I tried. I'll have to do some tweaking of my bike seat tomorrow and pop a few Advil and hope the problem goes away real soon. Bob got a flat about 10 miles from Ashland, but with Jesse's help he was able to complete the ride.
After a big meal, I'm ready to pass out until tomorrow. We begin riding tomorrow morning at 7am and have another long day of 90 miles. We will not get lost this time!

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