Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 14 & 15 - Illinois and Rain

Day 14 - Yesterday we rode from Sebree, Kentucky to Golconda, Illinois. The total mileage was 85 miles. We had to cross the Ohio River on a ferry to get from Kentucky to Illinois. It was a great day for riding, sunny and breezy. We started out the morning riding pretty fast, we averaged 17mph for the first two hours into some strong headwinds. Everyone was feeling pretty good and enjoying riding fast. The afternoon went a bit slower as we had to cross the Ohio River on the ferry and then we stopped on the Illinois side to explore some caves in a town called Cave In The Rock. We made it to Golcaona and there were no campgrounds despite available so we stayed at local motel called Michael's Motel. Garrison cooked up some hot dogs on the grill outside the motel and Laura made us a great spread of pasta, fruit, and vegetable salads. We all ate outside on the picnic table and grabbed some ice cream from the local service station for desert.

Day 15 - We woke up to an overcast day and the weather forecast called for rain for the next 36 hours. We decided to start riding anyway and hoped we could cover some miles before the weather really got bad, but 2 miles out of town we hear thunder, saw lightening, and got soaking wet with some heavy rain. We decided to not risk riding in such bad weather and headed to Marion, Illinois for the night. We will drive back to Golconda tomorrow and ride to Murphysboro and stay the night again in Marion. Tomorrow will be our last night in Illinois and then we have to cross the Mississippi River to reach Missouri. There has been some serious flooding along the Mississippi River and Missouri has had several roads closed. We've checked out the local forecast and the flooding doesn't seem to be a problem along our route.

I'm headed to bed. We've got an early start tomorrow.

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