Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 11, 12, & 13

I'm in Sebree, Kentucky. We are with the Smith family and have been camping for the past two nights. Both campgrounds we've stayed at had no Internet service. Tonight we've made it Sebree and are staying at cyclist hostel at the local Baptist Church. Bob, the Church's minister, and his wife, Violet, have kindly taken us in. The basement of the church has three rooms for sleeping, a shower, and two bathrooms. It also has a game room, full sized kitchen, laundry room, and a lounge area. Violet cooked us all up a BIG southern meal of chicken stir fry, every vegetable imaginable, melon, corn bread (the best I've ever had), along with sweet southern tea, and ice cream sundaes. I think I might end up weighing more after this trip than when I started out!

On Day 11 (Monday) we rode 102 miles and spent 6 hours and 20 minutes on the bike as we rode into Bardstown for the night. The topography of Kentucky has transformed into never ending rolling hills. This has turned out to be somewhat of a blessing as Sam's knees have gotten better everyday. With the addition of Garrison to our team, we have picked up the pace significantly. Garrison is about 6'3" with a solid frame and can pick up some MAJOR momentum down the hills. What a great guy to draft off of in these Kentucky headwinds.

Day 12 (Tuesday) we rode from Bardstown to Falls of Rough, which was about a 98 mile ride that took us a 6 and a half hours. We actually crossed over into a new time zone, Central Time Zone. We actually stopped at a country store where we were told that at one end of the store your cell phone would read Eastern Standard Time and at the opposite end of the store your phone would read Central Time Zone. When I asked the store owner and his daughter what town I was in, they both replied that we weren't actually in any town - so I guess I was actually in the middle of nowhere Kentucky. We enjoyed a vat of macaroni and cheese for dinner at the campground that was prepared for us by Laura. We all went to be pretty early. The temperature cooled off at night and it was the perfect weather for sleeping in my tent!

Day 13 (Wednesday) we woke up a bit late today at 7am and were on the bikes by 8:30am. We only had 75 miles to ride to Sebree, which took us about 5 hours. We rolled into Sebree at 3:30 this afternoon expecting to meet Laura and the kids at the campground....except when we got into Sebree there was no campground. That's how we ended up at the Baptist Church. It was listed on my map as a cyclist hostel and we called the number. We've had some good luck. We are having a great time with Bob and Violet. We also met a young man named Devon who is riding from California to New England. He is also staying the night at the church and ate dinner with us.

I look forward to a good night's sleep. Tomorrow we plan on riding only 72 miles and staying at another campground. I doubt Internet service will be available. I will keep posting updates whenever possible. I hope you are all doing well and getting some nice weather (especially in Nova Scotia).

Good bye for now!

Cheryl (Setch)

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