Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 19 - Owls Bend to Houston, MO

We left our beautiful campsite this morning after a breakfast of pancakes cooked up by the Smith's. We rode from Owls Bend to Houston, MO (which is in Texas County). Today is their last day with us as they have to move onto Kansas where Laura will be visiting with her sister. Sam, Bob, and I rode 55 miles up some pretty hilly Missouri countryside through the Ozarks. It took us close to 5 hours total, but the day seemed longer because we got off to a later morning start. We started biking around 10:15am and by that time it was pretty hot outside. Sam broke another spoke on her bike right after lunch, that is the 3rd spoke she has broken this trip so far. Luckily, we were able to fix it ourselves and were back on the road 30 minutes later. Mr. Mangum was right there when we need him with our tool box and spare parts.

We got chased by the littlest dog today! I know I complained about the dogs in Kentucky, but this morning a mini little chiuaua ran after us like he was one of those KY German Shepherds. That dog barked and chased us a good quarter mile - he never gave up. I laughed so hard I all most fell off my bike. We rode into Houston around 5pm and are spending the night at the Horses Creek Inn which caters to bikers. They gave us each a complimentary beer and offered us fresh fruit in the morning for our day's ride. Everyone in the area has been telling us the hardest part of the MO ride is over for westbound riders and that the next two days are beautiful countryside with rolling hills. I hope they are right! My legs are definitely feeling the climbs from the past two days, but luckily nothing is really hurting. I think a good night's sleep in a real bed will do me some good.

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