Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Days 4 & 5

Day 4 - I apologize for not updating the blog yesterday, but our stop did offer up a working Internet connection. Yesterday, day 4, was a short ride compared to the miles we covered the first 3 days. We went about 50 miles, from Lexington to Troutville, and were finished by noon. This was a pleasant change and a much needed rest for all 3 of us (also for our support crew). My absolute favorite time to ride is in the morning. Yesterday morning was no exception. We wound our way a long a country river road through the western Virginia countryside. The smells are at times overwhelming, I don't believe I've ever smelled anything as sweet as the smell of honeysuckle, strawberry, and tobacco all in one breathe. These folks certainly know how to live. Everybody keeps their yards in immaculate condition. No matter the size of the home or the location of the property, you can tell Virginians really take pride in their land. My favorite part of the ride were the butterflies, they were everywhere and of every size and color.

My knees were achy in the morning, but were manageable. We met up again with our new friend Dave a long the river road. He actually knocked on some one's door to ask if he could camp in the yard and an old mountain man invited him in for the night and cooked him dinner. We rode to Troutville were we met up with Jesse and Sharon for lunch at a roadside restaurant. It was like eating lunch at Grandma's house. $2.25 for turkey and cheese sandwich, you can't beat those prices. After lunch, we got back on the bikes for the 3 mile ride to our hotel. It was good thing we kept the day short, my knees were telling me to stop and Sam's foot needed to be checked out by a doctor.

After we checked in and cleaned up, Jesse, Sam, and I ventured into nearby Roanoke to run some errands. It was very bizarre being in a vehicle and driving on a road at 65mph when I've been on a bike for 5-8 hours a day averaging about 15-18mph. We had a quiet dinner at the Three Little Pigs BBQ restaurant and then I spent the evening sitting poolside reading, listening to my ipod, and watching the sunset in Troutville over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Day 5 - Once again we got up bright and early. After packing, checking our bikes, and eating a solid breakfast, we were on the road by 7am. Once again, our die was similar to yesterday's. Plenty of rolling hills through the picturesque Virginia Countryside. I wouldn't mind owning a cabin on a hilltop somewhere in this region of the country.

As we move west, we find there are fewer places to stop to stay the night. Today we rode 70 miles from Troutville the Newburg. The next available place to stop is 35 miles along our route, but there were storm clouds rolling in and the local weather was calling for some hail. So we decided to call it a day around 3pm this afternoon and rest up our bodies for a long day of riding tomorrow.

Keep the comments coming - I apprecaite hearging from you all!


Kelly said...

You guys are all amazing and it sounds like you're having a great time! Thanks for remembering my b-day in the midst of your journey!


Andy Schneider said...

Keep up the good work, Setch!

sidesj said...

Hey guys,
We are following you daily or as often as we can get to the coffee shop for internet. You have been doing a lot of miles...keep smiling. Watch those knees and feet.

Judy and Tom