Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 17 - Missouri

We rode out of Murphysboro, Illinois on out way to Farmington Missouri (our 4th state)! We had to cross over the Mississippi River to get from Illinois to Missouri. The ride to the bridge was difficult because we were faced with a pretty stiff headwind. We met Laura and the kids for lunch in Chester, Illinois (The home of Popoye) for lunch before heading over the bridge to Missouri. The ride across the Mississppi was awesome. Laura drove the truck behind us because there was no shoulder at all for us to ride on and we were afraid cars might not give us enough room. With all of the rain and flooding that has been in the news, we were lucky it didn't effect our route. As we rode over the river, we did seem some significant flooding. The water level was to the tops of trees and some areas and the river on the MO side had really overflowed it banks. As soon as we crossed into MO, Sam broke a spoke on her back wheel, which Garrison quickly fixed with the help of Lauara who backtracked with the truck to bring us the right tools. We stopped in Farmington for the night at a private campground. As we rode into camp, an magnificant thunder and lightening storm erupted. The best part was that I could see the storm develop throughout the last 3 hour so my bike ride. The skies in MO are so big!

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