Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 48 & 49 - Carson City, Nevada

We rode from Fallon to the capital of Nevada - 112 miles. The ride was long with pretty much the same scenery we've been seeing throughout all of Nevada. Carson City sits on the western edge of the state and acts as a gateway to California. We took day 49 off from riding because Sam's mom and friend, Andrea, were flying into Reno to join Mr. Mangum for the last 3 days of our trip.

I rented a truck from Enterprise (the girl who worked there gave me a GREAT deal) and drove to Lake Tahoe (25 miles away) on Day 49 while Sam and Mr. Mangum went to the airport in Reno. Bob, being the great guy that he is, did our dirty laundry that afternoon (thanks Bob!).

Lake Tahoe was awesome! There are parts that are full of tourists and other parts that are fairly quiet. That evening, after dinner, everyone opted to see the new Batman movie. I'm not much of a movie goer, so Andrea and I head back to Tahoe. We stopped at a lookout to watch the sunset and ran into a group of people who had already claimed the spot. They were very friendly and took pictures of Andrea and I as we posed on the rocks. We told them all about our bike ride and the orphanage and they made a donation to our cause. This is just one more example of how many nice people we've met along the way. Andrea is the one in the picture with her arms stretched out on the rocks.

Now that our team is complete with our newest members, we are ready to hit California!

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