Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 40 - Rest & Relaxation

Today we rested. I slept in until 8am! The day started out with a wonderful breakfast in town and then a trip to the bike shop in Cedar City (55 miles away and our destination for tomorrow). The best part of the day, and maybe the trip, was our late evening trip to Bryce Canyon National Park. We hopped in the truck at 7:00pm to drive 20 miles to Bryce to watch the sunset and explore while we could still see. My words cannot do justice to what I've seen tonight and neither will the was unreal! Bob, Sam, and I stayed until well after sunset and we were the last ones to leave the trail at Inspiration Trail head. The night ended with each of us sitting quietly, by ourselves, overlooking the canyon and taking it all in.

On a more comical note, while at Bryce, we decided to hit the truck and try to make it to another lookout stop to see the sunset, but Sam couldn't find the key to the truck. At first we chuckled, but as the sun was setting (and it was getting dark) the mood suddenly got more serious. Bob and Sam looked down below, and I hiked back up to the overlook to retrace Sam's steps. Luckily, I found the key sitting unscathed in the dirt behind two Japanese gentlemen sitting on a log taking pictures. As I made my way down the path back towards Sam and Bob, I pondered playing a joke on them...however, when I saw the slight panic in their eyes, I didn't have the heart to go through with it. As we all were once again relaxed, we climbed back up to the top of the trail to enjoy the last bit of daylight.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I took 70 of them...this is just a small sampling.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures!!!! Keep on riding! Can't wait to meet you!

We'll have to go floating down the river and do the "Texas" thing while you are here.