Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 27 - Our Last Night in Kansas!

We rode from Larned to Scott City (population 4,000) today. If it weren't for my Ipod, I don't think I would have survived Kansas. The straight roads allowed me to safely ride with my headphones in. I literally could see for miles ahead and behind me. We passed farm tractors and combines that had wheels bigger than me. They were huge! Apparently this is the peak of wheat harvest season. We rode 118 miles today in 7 hours and 30 minutes. It was a much better ride than yesterday. The headwind was not as strong which allowed us to ride on average about 15mph. The morning ride sprinkled us with some rain, but we never got poured on. Since it was so flat, I was able to see (for the first time) a rainstorm dumping on nearby towns. Luckily, we were spared. It was an amazing sight to see.

The best part of the day was getting off of our bikes at the 1,893.5 mile mark. I had my odometer set to make sure we didn't pass the half-way point without a picture. Bob, Sam, and I all got off of our bikes and placed them in the middle of the road (don't try this at home). Literally 5 minutes went by and NO cars came in either direction. We took a few photos and were on our way once again. My second favorite part of the day was when Mr. Mangum bought us all a mid-afternoon ice cream cone at the Frigid Creme. We pulled into Scott City at around 6:30pm showered up and went to dinner at the Broil and Bar Restaurant. I had breakfast for definitely hit the spot.

Tomorrow we will enter into Colorado. Rockie Mountains here we come!

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buddy said...

hi still following you all. just wanted you to know im staying with you all the way. say hi to your friends. i would love to meet them someday. love u and take care. aunt heather